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Building Future


The world of work is changing. According to the World Economic Forum, 65% of children entering primary school today will be employed in jobs that do not yet exist.

  • We prepare students for jobs which don’t yet exist rather than equipping them with skills that may soon be obsolete.
  • We support Students to develop new approaches and ideas on their own which gives them ownership and responsibility for their learning.
  • We identify individual student strengths and passions, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all format for student learning.
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"I love coming to STEM1 as I can code with my friends and have a lot of fun..."

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STEM Workshops

Our workshops are inspirational and geared towards 21 st century learning!

  • Students love our workshops and look forward for them
  • We provide all the materials required for the workshops
  • Encourage both teamwork and leadership skills through workshops
  • Ages 6 - 12 with 2 - 3 hour sessions.
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Serena Q

"Queenston Drive Public School’s collaboration with STEM1 has helped our school community inspire success, confidence and hope in each student. STEM1 delivered a variety of engaging workshops, having STEM1 workshops at our school helped our community bring the PDSB’s mandate of Empowering Modern Learners to fruition."

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Compete with best

We provide opportunity to compete with the best with both onsite and online competitions.

  • We've got your talent and learning needs covered.
  • We're always looking for strategies to make your learning experience better.
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Tanay   Grade 3

"It was being part of the competitions and learning so much about the things I have not done before.."

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Student stories

Discover how students are benefitting from STEM1

Before I went to STEM1, I thought coding would be super super hard, At STEM1, I learned that coding was easier than it looked like. You just need to learn the basics and then after a while you can start building some amazing stuff!.
I love coming to STEM1 because I can code with my friends and have a lot of fun. I love Coding..
It's been a wonderful journey for me to learn and thrive with these explanatory and fun mentors. In addition to just learning code, project presentations and certificates from STEM1 helped me during my admission to UTS which was very hard to get into. I have learned so much from when I started at STEM1 and will continue to do so...
I started learning to Code from begining of this year and never thought that it could be so much fun. We worked on lot of team projects and personal projects which were sometimes hard but made us learn so much. I look forward for this class every week along with my friends...
I like coding the most because I like to play games, so I decided that I wanted to make my own games when I was younger. And now I am learning python to make games and webpages. I love how I am encouraged to challenge mysel @STEM1.
I love coding and building 3D models. I learnt a lot after coming to STEM1. I had fun competing in the competitions and creating Animations using stick figures. Most of all, I like the instructors who make it so much fun to come to class.
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1075 Ceremonial Dr. Tue, Wed, Fri (5 - 8 PM) Sat (11 AM - 3:30 PM)
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Sathya Sai School Campus Thursday 3:30 - 7:00 PM
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Milton Brampton

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Every student is unique and their interests are varied.. so we require all students to attend a Demo class before registering with us.